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Hello traveler, i wish you a warm welcome. It seems that you've either found this site out of sheer boredom, or you've come here from my youtube channel. Whatever the case, i hope you enjoy yourself.

Note: a major overhaul is in progress, so excuse any design issues on this wiki. They will most likely be fixed soon.


I started my youtube channel, Crayonization, on july 3rd, 2009. Back then, it wasn't really 'anything', it was just random videos that i would upload here and there, with most of them not having any memorable or interesting moments.

Even a few years later, my channel wasn't that well known; i only had a little over 100 subs in 2013. So, while my content started to get better, it still wasn't at the level of 'entertaining' or 'notable', at least it wouldn't be for another year or two.

However, in late 2015, my channel saw a large growth in popularity: reaching over 600 subs by the end of the summer. At that point, i started taking youtube more seriously, not looking at it as a worthless side project, but looking at it as a means to entertain and put myself out there.

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