Before he joined crayonization, and started raking in more than 20% of the views i get with his raging and ranting, he actually was part of another youtube channel. He first premiered on his brother's youtube channel (superdupert201), in the year(s) [DATA EXPUNGED]. As for what he did on this channel, it's still an enigma, the only known series he did on that channel was a let's play of mario party ds. It is currently not known if he did any other series or videos on that channel.


"I've had enough of your bullshit over these frickin' yars!!"

- original rage video, 2014

"Get the hell out of the chair it's my show now!!"

-Carson plays give up, 2015

Video appearances:

  1. Carson plays give up
  2. Carson rages at super smash bros for wii u (my personal favorite :D)
  3. Persona 3 portable part 1
  4. Persona 3 portable part 2
  5. Persona 3 portable part 3
  6. Pokemon crystal challenge mode episode 2 (brief appearance)
  7. Prank calling people #3
  8. Prank calling people #1
  9. Carson rants about anime
  10. Phoenix wright cornered piano remix (the person playing)
  11. paper mario thousand year door let's play episode 1
  12. Owning carson at balloon battle
  13. #yeet compilation
  14. Super smash bros for nintendo 3ds with carson smelker
  15. final fantasy X lets play episode 1 - we called it sin
  16. Carson talks to cleverbot evie
  17. Carson reads creepypastas
  18. creepypasta - pictochat p1/??
  19. creepypasta - persona the hidden arcana II


When he was doing his mario part DS let's play on his brother channel, people thought he was a girl due to high-pitched his voice sounded.